OJKOS (The Orchestra for Jazz Composers in Oslo) is a contemporary jazz orchestra featuring the next generation of innovative musical voices from the Oslo area.

The ancient greek word οἶκος has three distinct but related meanings: the family, the property of the family, and the house. In a similar way, OJKOS is not just a collective of musicians, but also an environment within which the members can experiment freely and develop their collective musical vocabulary together. Each month during their regular season, a different member leads the ensemble through newly-written music before premiering the material at Nasjonal Jazzscene in Oslo. The orchestra is made up of 14 composers and performers sharing musical influences as broad as third stream jazz, European contemporary music, Norwegian folk music, and Nordic jazz.

Current Members:

Henriette Eilertsen – flute, Camilla Hole – saxophone, Tina Lægreid Olsen – saxophone, Tancred Heyerdahl Husø – trumpet, Richard Köster – trumpet, Lyder Øvreås Røed – trumpet, Magnus Murphy Joelson – trombone, Andreas Rotevatn – trombone, Johannes Fosse Solvang – trombone, Arne Martin Nybo – guitar, Mike McCormick – guitar, laptop, Kristoffer Fossheim Håvik – piano, Alexander Hoholm – bass, Knut Kvifte Nesheim – drum kit, vibraphone

OJKOS is the result of a collaboration between Østnorsk Jazzsenter, Nasjonal Jazzscene and a steering committee of five performer/composers.